ThinServer XP

1. Overall Performance – If compared with other similar products, ThinServer XP provides stability and fast connection environment. 2. Fully utilize the RDP features. 3. Easy installation and user friendly.

Low Chau Shian, Technical Support, Integrated Warehouse Sdn Bhd

I have to say, this is one of the better implementations for RDP extension on XP than others , very easy to install and small. Easy to set up.

Craig Portalla, IT Consultant, portgeeks.com

ThinServer is very stable, and hasn’t caused any problems on our Windows XP File Server. It runs without intervention and we hardly know its there, except for the increased user access

Alan Cunningham, Managing Director, Wunda .net.au

ThinServer Win7

Just did a Win 7 (workgroup) test and it was flawless! i am very impressed with you and your team to make the Windows 7 jump so successfully

Craig Portalla, IT Consultant, portgeeks.com