ThinServer is a fully software based thin client solution that adds advanced enhancement to Windows system which allow a single Windows XP, Windows 2003 server / SBS or Windows 7 and Windows 10 machine to serve multiple desktops to other Windows, Linux and Apple Macs clients on a network.


With this solution, users on the ThinServer may run the same or different applications simultaneously and independently to create and edit documents, and to share peripherals. Users may run MS Office and access shared documents at the same time with their unique customized desktop and login.


By using ThinServer, users would be able to share applications and computing resources of the server. Users no longer require very powerful PC to run their applications thus management would be able to decrease hardware cost, decrease hardware upgrade cost and decrease maintenance cost.




• User able to enjoy speed upgrade from a powerful server
• Increased stability and security
• Centralized file storage
• Centralized desktop administration
• Extend current desktop, increase data availability and remote accessibility
Multiple user access to different desktops on a single PC !